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The Experience at Kappo Kazunobu

Kappo Kazunobu is a Kappo Omakase by Chef Kazunobu Oishi who has accumulated over 26 years of culinary experience.

He had experience in cooking at a One Michelin Starred Restaurant in the Netherlands and cooking at 5-star hotels across 5 countries.

Every dish of our Kappo Omakase has been designed and developed from the skills and creativity of the chef whether it is fried, slow cooked, steamed or boiled dishes. In every step, the chef meticulously prepared what we put on the table. From searching for the best ingredients to cutting the meat and cooking in various methods in order to highlight the authentic taste of every element of the ingredients. 

His aim is to represent Japanese Refined Dining and create the best dining experience for the customers to taste new menus that are more than eating sushi and sashimi. 

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